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Full COLOR Digital Printing

Have your Serpac enclosure customized with state of the art digital printing. Our full color digital printing process creates a high quality, scratch resistant image. Ideal for the outdoors yet cost efficient enough for all your enclosures. Digital Printing can be used for simple text, gradients, blended colors, color transitions, and high-quality images. Your enclosure will be ready for delivery within 48 hours (after customer approval) on all orders less than 1,000 pieces. Allow up to an additional 48 hours for orders requiring machining. Vector based artwork (designed for the CMYK color space) is required for printing.

While there are no minimum quantities required, a set-up fee will be applied.

Lead time for machining orders is 48 hours for 1000 pieces and less.

PAD Printing Features

Customize your product by having SERPAC print your company logo, graphics, instructions or other text directly onto your enclosure. Multiple color printing jobs are easily handled. An artwork file in (Adobe Illustrator, scaled 1:1) is required for all pad printing.

Minimum line thickness for artwork is 0.01".

No minimum quantities are required, however a set-up fee will be applied.

Please email us to get a quote. (no larger than 10 MB please)

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