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All SERPAC enclosures are designed with customization in mind. Each enclosure has "Insert Areas" where a custom "I-Plate" can be made to your specification. Your modifications (characters, symbols, openings, and recesses) can be molded into the box, cutting down your machining costs and adding a custom look to you final product.

These I-Plates have a one time tooling charge and are owned by you, our customer. On some of our products we also have the ability to modify the height of internal bosses to accommodate your specific application.

Some surfaces where internal and external I-Plates exist can be recessed or raised to accommodate your components and or designs. (all H-Series models and other models. Please contact customer service for details)

No minimum order quantity required.

Lead time for I plate orders is 2 weeks.

Guidelines to Specify Your Molded-in Customizations:

  • Please see each part number prints to locate the I-plate. These areas are the only areas that can be customized by molding. If you need modification in other surfaces/areas please see Modification by Machining.
  • Dimension all geometry from center line.
  • Text, company or product logo can be molded in any of the I-plate areas.
  • Recesses cannot be more than 60% of an enclosure's wall thickness.
  • Endless geometric options.
  • Space between cutouts must be the thickness of the enclosure wall at minimum.
  • I plates can be textured and non-textured. Textured I-plate have a texture like the rest of the enclosure for cosmetic purposes. A non-textured I-plate is smooth for labels or membrane switches.

Contact our sales department; they will help you customizing your product.

Mold Customization Mold Customization

More Guideline Details (dimensions are inches)

Avoid any wall section less than .06.

Mold Customization

On any through geometry please allow +2° side draft.

Mold Customization

On any countersink or bezel allow .02 minimum wall at bottom point of opening.

Mold Customization

Avoid through holes oriented over internal bosses or gate location.
Avoid trying to match texture without using a .01 x .03 border between textures.

Mold Customization

All customizations are ±.01.