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C_Series Voice Recorder
CXL Series Pawsition Tracker
CXM Series CNC Machine
G Series Security System Exploded
G Series Security System
RB Series Guitar Pedal
SL Card Scanner
S Series Scale
Desktop Enclosure
Custom Irrigation Clock
Guitar Tuner
S Series Thermostat Image
WM Keypad Context
A Series Projector
BW Elevation Display
C SeriesUSB Hub
CX Digital Thermometer
G Seres Carbon Monoxide Detector
H Series Blood Sugar Tester
H Series Voltage Tester
M Series Static Meter
M Series Wireless Microphone
P Series Crane Control Context
P Series Thermal Scanner
RB Series Angle Finder
RB WIFI Booster
RBF Junction Box
S Series Power Adapter
SL Audio Mixer
First Aid
first aid
first aid item
handheld item
wearable item
desktop enclosure
desktop enclosure item

Feature Information

waterproof ip67 Waterproof IP67

Completely dustproof and guaranteed to be waterproof when fully submerged up to 3 meters for 30 minutes.

Flame Retardant UL94 V0 Flame Retardant UL94 V0

Burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical part, allowing for drops of plastic that are not in flames.

Flame Retardant UL94 V-2 Flame Retardant UL94 V-2

Burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical part, allowing for drops of flaming plastic.

UV Stabilzation UV Stabilization

A stabilizer has been added to give the enclosure long term protection from sun degradation.

Snow NEMA 4x

For indoor and outdoor use. Prevents water and dust from entering. Protection from corrosion and damage from the formation of ice.

Snow NEMA 12

For indoor use. Lightly protected from water, dust, and dirt.

Snow NEMA 13

Same as NEMA 12, also lightly protected against oils and coolants.

Snow Impact Resistant

Shock-absorbing material that mitigates damage and protects enclosure contents.

Snow EMI Shielding

Shields sensitive electronics from Electromagnetic Interference via spraying or molding.

Snow UL 508A

Meets the standards set by Underwriter’s Laboratory Solution for Industrial Control Panels in the USA.

Snow RoHS Compliant

Meets the standards set by the European Union that restricts the use of specific hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products.

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