Panel Kits


Panel Kits are used when stored equipment needs to be kept protected even when the case is open.

Bottom panels are watertight to meet or exceeds IP66 and or Nema 4X.

Threaded Inserts can be installed as your product requires.

Panel Kits are installed by the end user. These two plates are made of .063" brushed aluminum. The bottom panel (watertight) comes with screws, one perimeter gasket and O-Rings for the screws. (the SE1220 panel kit does not require O-Rings for its screws.)

Panels can be custom modified by Serpac according to your specifications. These modifications can be used to install electronic readouts, buttons, switches, surface mount components and other control or monitoring devices.

View an animation video of the bottom panel assembly

Product Image

Part Number Fits Drawing
Bottom panel (watertight) Top panel
7150B 7150T 120
7350B 7350T 300
7550B 7550T 520
7750B 7750T 710
7950B 7950T 920
7250B 7250T 1220